GHC - What is it?

GHC School Timetable Software allows you to set the strict conditions and preferences you need to achieve your optimal timetable, as well as to complete, display or transfer it.

For primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, vocational training schools, colleges, universities, or other educational institutions, GHC resolves weekly timetables. You can configure different overlapping timetables in the same week and more than one week with different timetables. GHC is more useful the more difficult it is to find a valid and optimal solution for your school.


GHC consists of 3 clearly different parts


From this component, all the options needed to create the timetable are configured: availability of teachers and their preferences, classrooms, characteristics of the class units, groups of students, etc.



The engine provides, if available, a solution very quickly. It also helps you to analyse those conditions that are impossible to satisfy. The GHC engine finds the solution according to the criteria you set.



Each solution generated by the engine is displayed in the GHC editor through different views. The editor warns you if any conflicts appear when making modifications. It supports a variety of formats for presenting or exporting the timetable to other applications.

Drawing up a school timetable is more difficult than it may seem. It is necessary not only to collect and configure all the class units, but also to take into account pedagogical criteria, optimising the use of available classrooms and, as far as possible, observing the limitations and preferences of the teachers.

Our main contribution to this complex task is the use of intelligent algorithms to find the most suitable solutions according to your criteria and preferences. GHC searches for complete solutions very efficiently. If they exist, it discovers them in short periods of time, even in the most complicated cases. If there are conditions that are impossible to satisfy, you have validation and analysis processes that help you to refine them. Once you have complete results, you get an optimal and fair compromise for the preferences and weighting criteria you have set.

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GHC Editor

The GHC editor is a powerful tool that allows you to finally add, adjust and modify class units in a drag-and-drop assisted way. You will also be able to add meetings, on-call hours or other teacher activities.

Your GHC subscription includes additional tools for exchanging configuration data and timetable data with other applications. GHC WEB APP, by using user profiles, allows to collect preferences by department, have a teacher absence manager and coordinate the day-to-day running of timetables.

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