GHC is integrated with a several number of Academic Management Programmes (ERP), both public and private companies.

Labour saving

Data exchange with the different academic management applications can save a lot of work, both to set up the timetable to be searched by importing subjects, teachers, etc., and to upload it back once the best solution has been found.

Import and export

The academic management applications need to receive the timetable that would otherwise be quite complex to enter. If the ERP you use is not in the list below, we offer an open exchange format  to implement it.

Management applications with which we are integrated

  • aula1
  • click_edu
  • cifra
  • educcare
  • esemtia
  • gescola
  • gestin
  • gestion_aula
  • globaleduca
  • gqdalya
  • inika
  • iEduca
  • secrefacil
  • oduca
  • phidias
  • qualitas_educativa
  • tecnausa

Exchange formats







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