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School timetables in COVID time

As the time comes to prepare timetables for the 2021-2022 academic year, it is crucial to obtain timetables that ensure safe conditions for students and teachers against COVID-19, and that the requirements defined in the covid protocol for your school are fulfilled.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to try to comply with a number of preventive guidelines. Some of the features and measures that may be desired in the timetables are:

Peñalara wants to help you find the best timetable for the next academic year that best suits these new circumstances. We have implemented GHC with the necessary functionalities to achieve this goal. In addition, as usual, you have the best support that will help you to focus on the creation of your timetable, as well as to solve any doubts or queries that you may have.

Stable cooperative groups

In order to try to achieve stable cooperative groups, it is necessary to try to minimise contact between them. To do this, in the management of your frames, you can take the following actions:

Different check-in and check-out times

Staggering the entry and exit of groups avoids crowds in the halls and the gathering of family members at the school gates.

Different playground shifts

Having different break periods allows stable groups to be separated while they are in the playground.

Possibility of split and continuous shifts

Depending on your needs, you can define whether you want your educational institution to offer classes on a split day, a continuous day or both.

Classroom management

Classroom management is a critical aspect to avoid possible infections. The guidelines for classrooms are as follows:

Avoiding unnecessary changes of classrooms

GHC allows to assign a classroom to a group and that all its class units are taught in the same classroom. You can also group classrooms together to avoid common spaces between different cooperative groups.

Cleaning intervals if a group changes classrooms

When setting up the frame, you can allow time between class units so that classrooms can be cleaned. You can also set conditions of non-consecutivity between class units of different groups taught in the same classroom.

Classroom allocation to groups of students

If the number of classrooms in your academic institution allows it, you can assign a classroom to a single group to avoid changing classrooms between different groups.

Classroom capacity

Classroom capacity is one of the restrictions to take into account when creating a timetable. With GHC you can create sets of classrooms according to their capacity. You can also assign more than one classroom to a class unit, and these can be taught by one or more teachers.

Adapted to a semi-attendance format

The group division into face-to-face and online parts has already been carried out during the last academic year. GHC allows you to manage this separation directly in your timetable, so that the student can indicate when he/she must come to the school and when he/she will have the class online.

Divide groups into in-class and online parts

Each group of students can be divided into subgroups and each group can indicate the classroom where they will be taught, indicating whether it is a physical classroom or whether they will be taught online.

Create different weekly timetables

By defining different periods, you can indicate the rotational timetables of pupils, to specify when they have to come to school and when they do not.

Management of teacher absences

Facilitating the communication of absences by the teachers and the quick action by the educational institution is essential. With the absence manager, all this management is simplified.

Registering absences

Both the teacher and the academic institution may indicate during which class units or on which days he/she will be absent.

Election of substitutes

The educational institution will be able to see, for each of the absences, the teachers who are available and assign them as substitute teachers.


The absence or substitution report can be generated at any time between two dates.

Avoiding face-to-face meetings

Thanks to the capture of preferences tool, communication between teachers, departments and the head of studies can be streamlined and face-to-face meetings can be avoided.

Availability of teachers

It will be possible to specify for each teacher the periods when he/she is not available or when he/she prefers not to have class units.

Choice of teaching

The head of department can assign the teacher who will teach each of the class units in his or her department.

Teacher's preferences

The teacher will be able to indicate his or her preferences for each class unit, such as whether he or she wants to be a tutor, to have on-call hours and a variety of other options.

Quick adaptation to new scenarios

Adaptation to changes in criteria by the administration or due to possible teacher absences are circumstances that may happen during the academic year. GHC allows you to adapt these changes to your current timetable in a quick and easy way, being the software itself in charge of finding solutions or warning of conflicts in manual changes that you want to make in order to ensure a proper reorganisation of your timetable.

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